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Maas means more…

Milton Glaser and Katja Maas

Katja Maas is a brilliant, intuitive designer delivering creative marketing solutions that transform and elevate businesses when they need it the most. – Ellen Rafael

In the past 24 months Katja has:

  • Completed a re-branding exercise for the global leader in c-suite sales and leadership training, developing narratives, imaging, video content, sales brochures and a website.
  • Created video content and built a website to house a fitness app
  • Worked to launch a new energy company that hopes to transform the grid into something that better benefits the end users and the planet. Katja developed launch materials, website and animations.
  • For three international summits, Katja arranged speakers, designed website and digital print materials to help raise awareness of, and build a global intelligence and research center to help prevent, human trafficking.
  • Designed and developed a website and marketing materials for Florida litigation firm, a sustainable cleaning firm, and a cosmetics company.
  • Designed and implemented a highly successful GDPR awareness and response campaign.
  • Developed narratives, infographics and print brochures for a PR company to aid an acquisition.

Big results are critical. If you know what you want to happen. Katja can show you how to get there. If you’re not sure about what you want, Katja can help you unlock your inner purpose and translate it into meaningful, authentic messaging for your key audiences. – Pamela Bailey

Services Katja offers include

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Original photography, videography and editing
  • Narrative development/ Story telling/ Releasing the brand workshops
  • Coordinated design of everything that “speaks” from branding to messaging, to strategic content to collateral, advertising and key messages
  • Original authentic content that fits your business purpose


A graduate of Charles Rennie Macintosh’s Glasgow School of Art, Katja left Scotland for New York in 1997 to work with renowned designer Milton Glaser. After ten years of working with him at his famous 32nd Street studio Katja left to establish her own practice which encompasses design, photography, film, web design and narrative development. Katja is passionate about creating a future that is better for all, and particularly enjoys working with businesses with common goals that share a vision for a better world.

How Katja works

Katja starts by analyzing the corporate communications assets and practices to build a snapshot of the business and the key messages that are currently being conveyed to the business audiences.

Then, in line with the stated business objectives, Katja workshops what needs to be developed to achieve the new goals, identifying the critical opportunities and what work needs to be done.

Katja simultaneously works across many sectors and in different mediums, this approach allows her to bring an exaptive approach to her work with its natural cross-pollination of concepts, trends, changes in audience behaviors and the media.

Quotes I live by…

Recent Works



Second year running at the Shorty Awards! This time my mentee Sasha picked up the Audience Choice Award for Best in Beauty. Whoooo Hoo! #TRENDINGALLDAY

PETER MAYER (1936-2018)

I miss you and I’ll always remember you for publishing “Art is Work” – the amazing book that brought me to New York to work with my mentor and our friend, Milton Glaser. The Guardian


On your latest book with Steven Heller. Head to Toe: The Nude in Graphic Design  Buy One from Rizzoli


You taught me “High Focus Drawing” — a visceral and mind-expanding experience I will always be grateful for (and determined to pass on and share). You also, together with Milton, inspire me to keep learning, always try new things. I remember, the poster below was your first introduction of opaque paints to your watercolors. James McMullan’s posters are now on permanent exhibition at the Lincoln Center.   NY Times