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A new way to promote theater on social media is born out of limitation…

[BROADWAY RIGHTS LIMITATIONS: You can’t use video footage of your actors. You can’t use audio of your actors. However, you can use stills and you can use audio from the real production. Oh, but you can’t use the color red and you must mention its the high school edition. SO, I took some quick rehearsal shots, wrote some simple copy, then added music, animation and special effects…]

[Then swap in some costume shots from dress rehearsals and add few more lighting effects to ramp up …]


[Then a quick last minute extra to amplify excitement even more]


Sense About Science… public information animation

Side Effects – 10 and a half things you might not know…

Wrote the script, story boarded the animation, filmed the animation and designed the collateral.  [Press play]

Milton Glaser and Katja Maas

Milton Glaser Protégée, Katja Maas Moves Her Creative Practice to North Carolina

AUGUST 2018 – CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS  Photo credits: Milton Glaser by David Eustace. Katja Maas by Adam Patterson.

After 10 years working with the legendary designer Milton Glaser in his New York design office and nine years running her own design consultancy in New York City, Katja Maas together with her husband and two children, decided to move out of the Big Apple into the Golden Triangle. Greensboro is their new home and base of operations for their family business MAAS Creative.

When asked what she likes the most about Greensboro, Katja says, “the New Garden Friends School we found for our kids is worth the move alone, however we also love the beautiful green spaces everywhere and the more relaxed pace of life. I feel it is a very creative place and that there is lots of exciting things bubbling beneath the surface that I can’t wait to discover.”


We asked Katja, will you ever go back to New York?
Katja: I go back all the time. Milton is still my mentor and I have many friends and clients based there. New York energizes me. I can’t explain it but every time I visit I come back supercharged and ready for anything.
CC: Who do you hope to work with here in Greensboro?
Katja: I have always been lucky and found kind, brave and interesting people to work with – that’s what matters most to me. I work with people whose work/business is personal, and by that I mean they own what they do and it matters to them. I work with start-ups as well as established companies who need to connect and communicate better. I work with those who need a creative partner to simplify and tell their story in a meaningful and cohesive way that helps them evolve and grow. I also work with agencies in related fields like PR and Marketing. What’s important to me is to work with people who care about their work because it is who they are. It’s early days yet but I have a strong sense of excitement about what the future holds in Greensboro. I look forward to sharing what I have learned and to continue learning from the new people I meet and work with.
CC: What do you bring?
Katja:  Simon Sinek believes “The value of our life is determined by what you do for others” I am lucky because that’s what my work is all about. Milton designed my new brand and I think it answers that question well. He simply summed me up in three words, “Maas – meaning more” because that’s what I do, what I bring and what is different about me. Cross disciplinary capabilities, fast intuitive thinking, and bringing the best out of people around me… I bring more meaning to your work, more depth of thinking and more energy. Bottom line is you get much more for money. Ha! What more could you want? 🙂

We asked Milton Glaser what his thoughts were for Katja moving out of New York City?
Milton: I never have to worry about Katja. She will always find her way. She is a force of nature and probably the best designer I have ever worked with.

2019 Touring Exhibition – Milton Glaser Landscape Prints of the Hudson Valley

Glaser’s most recent body of work, a series of dreamy Landscape Prints of the Hudson Valley, recall the artist’s Italian mentor, Giorgio Morandi, and the late monotypes of Edgar Degas. The grainy images of vibrating trees and hazy fields are currently on view at the Edward Hopper House in Nyack, New York on from September 7 – November 4.   Click here for the Observer’s article.



A recent project for the Isle of Bute, (an island off the west coast of Scotland) has now launched and engaged with the people of Bute. It involves branding, messaging, website design, fundraising campaign for the Rothesay Pavilion £14,000,000 refurbishment/heritage project. Above is a time lapse film of the hoarding visuals being installed. Great job! Malcolm and Julie from Bute Signs.  🙂

This new interview on WFMY News 2 used my behind the scenes footage of Chris Bren and Chris Kelly from “Two Guys Named Chris” in their debut roles in Four Leagues Media’s latest horror film, Nervous Breakdown.

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MM&H alligator ping pong


Second year running at the Shorty Awards! This time my mentee Sasha picked up the Audience Choice Award for Best in Beauty. Whoooo Hoo! #TRENDINGALLDAY


“Sabrina Orah Mark is a writer of strangeness & tenderness & undeniable brilliance. I wanted to read this book aloud to everyone I’ve ever loved, and to fold it into a locket to keep close to my heart.” Elizabeth McCracken  Purchase this book on amazon.

Wild Milk Book Party Poster

Wild Milk by Sabrina Oran Mark. New York milk and cookies book party poster and invitation.

PETER MAYER (1936-2018)

I miss you and I’ll always remember you for publishing “Art is Work” – the amazing book that brought me to New York to work with my mentor and our friend, Milton Glaser. The Guardian


On your latest book with Steven Heller. Head to Toe: The Nude in Graphic Design  Buy One from Rizzoli


You taught me “High Focus Drawing” — a visceral and mind-expanding experience I will always be grateful for (and determined to pass on and share). You also, together with Milton, inspire me to keep learning, always try new things. I remember, the poster below was your first introduction of opaque paints to your watercolors. James McMullan’s posters are now on permanent exhibition at the Lincoln Center.   NY Times