“Your website is a huge opportunity to comprehensively convey your company’s personality and voice authentically.”

It is also useful to know that the websites below have one thing in common and that is that their design and the bulk of their content, customization, CSS, graphics, headlines, copy editing/writing, typography, video, animation, audio, document downloads, brochures and back links (and all the research to support them) are created by Katja Maas from scratch.


Florida litigation firm.

Digital and data driven non for profit company’s annual report.

This executive sales and leadership training company can change mindsets.

New York based, film production company.

Grid modernization and micro grid company

Anti human trafficking initiative by FBI NNA and International Police Training Institute (The IPTI)

A “shopify” e commerce site for Teeny Wee lip glosses by SashaAnne

A creative blog.

An amazing, New York based, alternative wedding and special events band.

A “membership” e commerce site and IOS apps for fitness guru Jana Sanford.

New York based, property management company.

New York City’s most endearing, creative and inclusionary nursery school